Letter from the designer:

My name is Miryam and I come from a large family in Barcelona. My mother always dressed us with matching clothes when we were little. It’s an old spanish tradition. The visual resemblance provided me with a sense of belonging and confidence.

During high school, I struggled with anxiety until I got life-altering advice; “create with your hands”. I never stopped sewing since then. I found a cure and a passion.

A few years later I moved to the U.S only to finish my studies in Anthropology. However, I met a man that I fell in love with so NYC became my new home.

I started making clothes because I loved the European style I knew. People’s reaction on the streets led me to create a brand and our children Tommy, Hana and Willie inspired the name To-ha-wi. With the big support of my family and friends, we launched in January of 2019.

When I design, I need to make the inside of every style as pretty as the outside. Eventually, that’s how the reversible idea came about. I think of clothing as a piece of art, where every detail is thought and loved.

Tohawi is a family business that promotes unity and represents deep respect for a classic style, a sophisticated lifestyle and a fair manufacturing system.

We hope you come celebrate your family with us!

With Love,

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